Hotpoint Counter Saver Microwave

Hotpoint Counter Saver Microwave : Ge 1.4 Cu Ft Countertop Microwave Oven

Hotpoint Counter Saver Microwave

hotpoint counter saver microwave


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  • kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it; heat results from the absorption of energy by the water molecules in the food


  • The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company is a British manufacturer of domestic appliances, currently fully owned by Italy's Indesit Company (formerly Merloni Elettrodomestici).


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hotpoint counter saver microwave – Hotpoint RVM1535MMSA

Hotpoint RVM1535MMSA 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over the Range Microwave Oven – Silver
Hotpoint RVM1535MMSA 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over the Range Microwave Oven - Silver
GE Hotpoint RVM1535MMSA Over-The-Range Silver Metallic Microwave Oven, Model RVM1535SS Features: 1.5 cu. ft. capacity 950 watts (IEC-705 test procedure) Turntable Continually rotates food to ensure even cooking Convenience cooking controls Allows cooking and reheating at the touch of a button Auto and Time Defrost Automatically defrosts for a specified amount of time Time Cook I & II Makes it possible to enter two cooking times, so users can stop the microwave to stir or rotate foods without reprogramming Two-Speed, 200-CFM Venting System Quickly removes smoke and steam from cooktop Specifications: Capacity Total Capacity (cubic feet) 1.5 ft. Features Cooking Modes Microwave Cooking Technology Traditional Power Levels 10 Style Over-The-Range Wattage (IEC-705) 950 W Clock 12 Hour Electronic Touch Controls LED 4 Digits w/icons Beverage (Convenience) Instant-On Popcorn (Convenience) Instant-On Reheat (Convenience) 7 codes Turntable Glass Turntable Size (in.) 12.52 Add 30 Seconds Instant-On Concurrent Programming Yes Defrost Type Auto & Time Delay Start Yes Display On/Off sub-pad w/ zero Express Cook Instant-on 1-6 minutes Time Cook I & II Time Preference Control Enhancement (1/9) Timer (On/Off) Yes Cooking Complete Reminder Yes Cooktop Lighting On/Off Exhaust Fan 2-Speed 200-CFM Interior Oven Light Incandescent Child Lock Yes Spacemaker Yes Economical / Quiet Non-Vented Optional Venting Type Externally Vented Appearance Case Color Silver Metallic Color Appearance Silver Metallic Color Appearance Code SA Door Color Silver Metallic Other Colors Available Black, Bisque, White Handle Black Power / Ratings Electrical Input – 120V Amperage 15 Electrical Input – 120V Watts 1580 Input Volts/Hertz 120/60 Microwave Wattage 950 Voltage 120 V Approximate Dimensions: Cabinet Width: 30″ Depth: 15.62″ Height: 16.50″ Width: 29.87″ Cavity …

Microwave Oven Transformer

Microwave Oven Transformer
The transformer from a dead microwave oven. 4.7 kg of iron and copper. My how many turns you have, said the primary to the secondary. (Be careful disassembling microwave ovens: they contain a large, potentially dangerous high-voltage capacitor.)


This microwave oven, one of the first to ever be released, is still in use by my grandparents.
hotpoint counter saver microwave